Shrink tunnel

2-row product infeed, divided heating chamber, 2 top-mounted main blowers, with cooling fan at tunnel outlet, total length 3.600mm, inlet opening 2x 400x600mm, hood length 3.000mm, heating power 36KW, speed 20 containers/min

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Shrink tunnel standard version – our bestseller!

1 heating chamber, main blower installed at the bottom, cooling blower at the tunnel outlet, our bestsellers for film containers/sleeves of all types and sizes. total length 1.800mm, hood opening 600x250mm, hood length 1.200mm, heating power 15KW, speeds up to 10 containers per minute

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Shrink tunnel standard design

with pneumatic pressing station for the fixed design of palletizable packs for products with restoring forces or similar properties, total length 2,200mm, hood opening 800x350mm, hood length 1,600mm, heating power 18KW, speed < 10 packs per minute

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Energy management is written in capital letters at He-Ja, well-designed technology combined with intelligent control technology and heat recovery puts your energy balance on the right track.
You will reduce your CO2 footprint of up to 35% with our products.

Made in Germany

HE-JA Shrink tunnel

The company He-ja is specialized in shrink tunnel construction suitable for your product and offers a total of 40 different tunnel variants for dry as well as wet rooms. Our standard hood width is 500-1500mm wide and our standard tunnel lengths are 1,800, 2,200, 2,800 and 3,600mm. Should your product require a special solution, we will certainly find the right technical design for it.

The heating power is between 15-36KW depending on the size of the hood and tunnel length. Our bestseller shrink tunnel type T600 with a total length of 1.800mm (hood length 1.200mm) and a hood height up to 300mm shrinks 80my PE shrink films without any problems with a heating power of 15KW at a capacity of up to 10 repackages/min. Thanks to the sophisticated technical design of the control components and the perfect balance between air flow and temperature, you can achieve top values in your energy balance. The actual consumption is reduced by up to 35% in production operations.

HE-JA Baler

As semi-automatic and fully automatic machines in a well thought-out robust construction, easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free, they economically pack single, collective and multiple packages (with and without tray support) in shrink film, e.g. cans, bottles, bundles, cartons, as well as long objects such as boards, doors, bars, profiles, etc.

The welding width ranges from 600 – 1500 mm and other formats are possible for special constructions. The film web formed by two rolls wraps around the package in the form of a banderole. After the welding process, a discharge belt transfers the bundled product into a shrink tunnel.

HE-JA L-Sealer

Have been developed for the cost-effective film packaging of single, collective and multiple packs.

The largely maintenance-free impulse welders in robust, sophisticated design are suitable for permanent industrial use and are easy to operate.

The packing sizes range from 350 x 250 mm to 1200 x 800 mm with a maximum height of 150 mm (special sizes on request). Books, DCs, cartons, toys, picture frames etc. can be packed without any problems.